Your slides are crap

I’ve been to several conferences recently, and 95% of the slides were crap. Readers of my blog are surely in that elusive minority of presentation gurus. [...]

Rate of revelation

Here’s a trick to improve your writing: focus on your rate of revelation. The rate of revelation describes how quickly you introduce new information to the reader. [...]

Two hours

If you spend two hours each day on your most important task, you’ll be stunned at your progress in a month. [...]

Why it’s hard to say no

Saying no is critical if you want to do meaningful work. When you earn a reputation for getting things done, people will give you more tasks than you can handle. [...]

It's okay to work your hours

When I was thirteen, I was paid £3 an hour to wash pots and pans in a pub. It was a hot and dirty job. [...]

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