Hi, I'm Duncan Jones

I write about productivity, management, and work/life balance.

Update: I’m now writing new chapters of a book at productivityrules.com. All my new writing is at that site.

Who is this blog for?

If you aspire to any of these goals, this site might be for you:

  • You want to have a successful career without working evenings and weekends.

  • You don’t like feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

  • You’d like to be a manager who changes people for the better.

These are the topics that motivate me. I write about what I learn.

About me

I’m a father of two, living in Cambridge, England.

By chance, I read The 4-Hour Work Week as I started my career in 2007. It triggered a life-long passion for productivity and experimentation.

I work in the tech industry and have led teams for over a decade.

A quick note

I’ve recently redesigned and simplified this site. I deleted a lot of articles that didn’t feel right any more. Apologies if you found a broken link.